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Estate Robin Vincent Udney Account
Wildlife Preservation Trust, managed
by Perpetual 


Build infrastructure for an animal release project

Predator proofing the site by completing predator proof  fencing and fox baiting. Create  pre release compounds and feeding stations for mammals. This work is to facilitate the safe reintroduction of swamp and red necked wallabies, bandicoots, various possums, reptiles and bush turkeys and other once endemic species to the site in conjunction with the Native Animal Trust Fund.

Work Completed Under This Grant

The predator proof fencing of the site was completed in July 2010 following the sale of portion of land on the Eastern boundary to the NSW RTA. Completion of this sale included establishing a new boundary. The Eastern fence was also frog proofed to avoid endangered green and golden bell frogs invading the road works site.


A wallaby and animal pre release compound and feeding station was established. A pre release cage for possums, bandicoots and other animals can be was also established although most possums can be released directly onto site. Possum boxes were built.


Fox and Feral Animal baiting took place during June and  July 2010 following permission being received from Department of Primary Industry and their supply of baits. It is estimated that over 40 foxes and feral cats were killed. 


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