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HWCA was established in 1985 with the purpose of promoting understanding, conservation and enjoyment of wetlands and involving the community in restoring Shortland Wetlands.  The story of turning what was a series of football fields on a degraded swamp into Ramsar wetlands – wetlands of international significance, is an impressive one.  But what makes it so impressive is that the restoration work has been lead by a large, passionate group of community members and partner organisations.  It is essential for the success of HWCA that the strong community base, currently some 150 volunteers and a small group of partner organisations, continues to be valued and is given the opportunity to continue shaping the future of Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia.  Winning the International Ramsar Conservation Award for Education in 2005 has further added to what was already an inspirational story. The Hunter Wetlands Story is not yet finished and we are continuing to further restore the biodiversity of this unique site but we need your help.

There are numerous ways you contribute by volunteering such as:

  • As a Regular Volunteer
  • Work on Specific Projects
  • Corporate Volunteering & Team Building Programs
  • Tourism Volunteering Opportunities
  • One Off Events
  • Group, Social Volunteer Opportunities
  • Skill Sharing and Specialised Capability Contra Agreements

Volunteering contributes over $4 Billion in the Australian community and provides a variety services to the community. Volunteering is considered by governments to be a sign of strong community as it builds capacity of the community and results in a healthier and happier community. The days of volunteers being considered cheap labour has long past Volunteers are amongst the most valued members of the community that stereotype is a thing of the past each and every volunteers effort, knowledge and opinions are valued and contribute to stronger healthier community.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Hunter Wetlands Centre  you can contact us to answer your enquiries via email We are always keen to welcome new volunteers and run regular Volunteer Inductions which you can book in with us on (02) 4951 6466. If we are not the right volunteer fit for you we will work with the Hunter Volunteer Centre to help find you the the right position.


It is really worth it



Corporate Volunteering                                                                           Landcare Volunteering




Community Days

The Hunter Wetlands Centre regularly host community planting days in which you can volunteer by participating in one off event days. The centre is looking for eager people to contribute on regular community days if this interests your friends, family and you please register for our community planting day invitation list by sending your name and contact details to


We also support Research at the Hunter Wetlands Centre

The Hunter Wetlands Centre provides opportunities for research into fresh water wetlands ecosystems. In return we use much of that research to help guide and assess management actions and modify those actions if necessary to reflect current understandings of the wetlands ecosystem and biological priorities. The University of Newcastle, Wetlands Environmental Education Centre, Sydney University, Tighes Hill TAFE, University of NSW, Belmont TAFE are some of the educational institutions which have provided students for Research Projects on-site.

The Hunter Wetlands Centre has in the past and is looking to partner in the future with organisations such as the Tom Farrell Institute for the environment to work cooperatively to gain grant and funding opportunities for potential research projects. Below are lists of studies that have been done (or are in progress) on the Project sites or are linked to Project activities.

  • Green and Golden Bellfrogs
  • Water Hydrology studies
  • Bird behavioural studies
  • Mosquito fish & other introduced species studies
  • Media and communication studies
  • Tourism and marketing projects
  • Wetlands Educational Studies
  • Vegetation studies
  • Volunteer Management
  • Environmental Management Studies.

 Apart from the current research studies, information about any of these has been donated by the Hunter Wetlands Centre to the Newcastle Regional Library, Hunter Central Coast Regional Environmental Management, University of Newcastle, and amongst our own small collection of reference materials. We are proud of the body of research that has been and continues to be conducted on site and its contribution to the community as a whole.

Academics, RHD Students or other Researchers interested in doing research at the Hunter Wetlands Centre contact the Volunteer Coordinator on or Site Manager on

Research at the Hunter Wetlands Centre is encouraged by Newcastle University Postgraduate Students Association


Green & Golden Bell Frog Research Project in conjunction with the University of Newcastle




We are members of the Hunter Volunteer Centre






Volunteering Opportunities


Volunteer Visitor Information Officer

Landcare Team Member

Fundraising Volunteer

Administration Volunteer

Maintenance Volunteer

Weekend Volunteering

Project Based Volunteering

Family Volunteering

Event Based Volunteering

Monthly Volunteering

Group/Team Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering 


Upcoming Volunteer Events 

Our Volunteer Inductions are on

Wednesdays 10.30 am

Individual Bookings are essential please call (02) 4951 6466

(We do not accept bookings by third parties)



Other Information


HWCA Volunteering Induction Handbook

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Corporate Volunteering & Team Building




We proudly attended the 15th National Conference On Volunteering

Active Members of the Hunter Volunteer Network

Member of the Hunter Volunteer Centre

Associated with Australiasian Association For Managers of Volunteers

We are proudly associated with the NSW Government Time Banking Trial

Our Volunteers are recognised in the Commonwealth Governments Wetlands Australia Magazine








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