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Birds Sighted at Hunter Wetlands Centre


Bird species at HWCA have been recorded since 1988. The approach was to record any birds appearing on site so visitors had a contemporary list to refer to. Since 2009 we have become more scientific in recording not only bird species seen over our 45 hectares but also the numbers of each species of bird. We feel this is important as we can observe differences in species with progressive revegetation plus any climate change effect. HWCA is a valuable drought refuge when parts of NSW are feeling the pinch. Our water bird numbers go down when rains fall out west and go back up in dry times.

Once a month volunteer Paddy Lightfoot traverses the site identifying the various species and recording numbers.  As well as the number of each species he also indicates if they are breeding, on a nest or have dependent young.

Bird at HWCA 19 November 2017

Birds at HWCA 6 October 2017

Birds at HWCA 15 September 2017

Birds at HWCA 6 August 2017

Birds at HWCA 16 July 2017

Birds at HWCA 3 June 2017

Birds at HWCA 21 May 2017



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