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We are always looking for new members for our centre. Your support is very much appreciated and helps us to keep our doors open and the centre running.  The Hunter Wetlands Centre is a self funded, community run organisation - we survive on income from grants, donations and visitor entry. Memberships are due at the end of April of every year.  If you just love visiting the Hunter Wetlands Centre  then an Annual Pass option is available for individuals or families. 


What Else?

There is always something happening at the Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia.

Check out our daily activities or maybe join in one our regular or special events held during each of the seasons throughout the year.

The four seasons offers so much for you to enjoy:


Four species of Egret are seasonal migrants to our wetlands, Great numbers of these elegant birds nest in the paperbark trees, teaching their young to fly.


A MASS MIGRATION  Ibis arrive, roosting at night, they fan across the wetlands during the day to feed.


Sunshine floods the Visitor Centre. Explore the numerous tank displays in the comfort  situated in the foyer, visit  the Spoonbill Café, and enjoy bird watching through panoramic windows over the ponds below.


Wildflowers bloom in the native gardens, attracting a host of Honeyeaters. Swans guide their cygnets across the ponds and the weather is perfect for exploring the outdoors.

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