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Reptiles at HWCA

There has only been one survey of the Reptiles found within the Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia . This survey recorded a total of nine reptiles.

These species are found throughout the coastal regions of eastern Australia, and like most reptile species have suffered the effects of heavy development on the coastal fringe.

The Hunter Wetlands Centre and the Australian Reptile Park have created a partnership to display animals from the Reptile Park at HWCA’s Visitor Centre. To find out about our latest reptile display phone 02 4951 6466.

Common Name

Scientific Name

Long-necked Turtle

Cheladina longicollis

Robust Striped Skink

Ctenotus robustus

Graden Skink

Lampropholis delicata

Weasel Skink

L. mustelinum

Three-toed Skink

Saiphos equalis

Eastern Water Skink

Sphenomorphus quoyii

She-oak Skink

Tiliqua casuarinae

Swamp Snake

Hemiaspis signata

Red-bellied Black Snake

Pseudechis porphyriacus
























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