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Frogs at HWCA

Two scientific studies have been conducted to identify the distribution and abundance of frogs at Shortland Wetlands.  These studies have shown that since 1986, the site has supported a total of eight frog species.

These species are recognised as commonly found throughout eastern Australia.

They include:

Common Name  Scientific Name

Bleating Tree Frog

Litoria dentata

Dwarf Green Tree Frog

Litoria fallax

Peron’s Tree Frog

Litoria peroni

Tyler’s Tree Frog

Litoria tyleri

Green Tree Frog

Litoria caerulea

Common Eastern Froglet

Crinia signifera

Striped Marsh Frog

Lymnodynastes peroni

Spotted Grass Frog

Lymnodynastes tasmaniensis



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