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Rainforest at HWCA

Prior to the opening of the Hunter Wetlands Centre Australia in 1985, a remnant rainforest that was in poor condition, existed on the western edge of the site. It had once been part of a much larger rainforest community that grew on the outer edges of Hexham Swamp.

The rainforest suffered from clearing for agriculture and urban development and invasion by weed species such as Lantana camara.

Recently the core of the remnant has been supplemented by the planting of native rainforest species around the edges increasing the size of the remnant to approximately 1ha.
Native rainforest species from northern NSW and QLD were planted as a  means of increasing the knowledge of rainforest species within the region.  The rainforest supports 71 species from 42 families of planted natives, planted exotics, remnant/native and weeds.

The rainforest is a legacy of the hard work and effort by the team of volunteers.  Come and discover the diversity of rainforest trees, shrubs and herbs on the rainforest walk.


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