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Help Us Preserve One Of The Worlds "RAREST" Duck Species!

Our freckled ducks need food and shelter to effectively keep the breed alive... And YOU can help us!

Be part of the Hunter Wetlands Centres initiative in keeping one of the rarest species of ducks (The Freckled Duck) alive by Adopting a Duck today.

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Meet our freckled ducks...

Geoff - brown over pale green
Geoff was named after one of our site staff, Geoff Nicholls. He is the son of Chris, one of our first ducks, and brother of Amy. He is a classic, handsome male, with the typical dark head and bright red bill of male freckled ducks. One of the more dominant males and the probable sire of several of our most recent clutches, Geoff is nonetheless rather aloof around people and tends to hang back more than his companions, perferring to roost in the centre of the pond away from possible contact with humans.

Lefina - orange over pale blue
Lefina has been our most successful breeder, producing eleven young from two clutches in September of 2007 and January of 2008. Lefina's parenting style differs significantly from our other breeding female, Amy - she appears to foster independence in her young by leaving them to their own devices and encouraging contact with humans, and as a result her offpring tend to be friendlier towards people. She is a very curious and intelligent duck and very trusting of her keepers, even while nesting or raising young, and she is somewhat of a leaders to the group. Like her daughter Leila, she has a feather on her right wing that grows at an off angle and kicks up, creating a slightly unkept appearance.

Barry - black over mauve
Barry was named after the original designer and builder of the shelters, Barry Whitson. As the brother of Graeme, he has always been submissive to his rather more aggressive sibling, and as such has, despite constant courtship behaviour and attempts at mating, missed out on the mating opportunities Graeme has had. With the recent transferal of Graeme to an other facility, Barry's day may have come.

Jacob - red over orange
Jacob was named for the son of our CEO, Tara O'Connell. He is from Lefina's September clutch and displays much of his mother's confidence and authority. He has been noted as being somewaht of a 'ladies man', chasing and accompanying any female in sight, sometimes for lengthy periods of time, and it is likely he will become one of our dominant sires in the years to come.

Leila - pale green over orange
Leila is one of our most beloved and friendly ducks and is named for the mother of one of our site staff, Geoff Nicholls. She is a duck that immediately stands out as she is very people oriented and inquisitive, and will often be the first to approach humans when other ducks hang back. She has the same intelligent gaze as her mother Lefina, as well as sharing a kicked up right wing feather with her mother.

George - black over blue
George is one of Amy's sons from her September clutch and is beginning to establish himself as a wily and clever duck - when keepers attempt to catch him he will try to confuse them by diving under shelters and changing directions in order to escape. He is one of the bigger males and, as many of Amy's offpring, is less interested in human company than the company of other ducks.


Jewel - pale green over yellow
Jewel is the only female from Lefina's January clutch and was adopted and named by a volunteer, Kathryn Haythorpe. Although young, she has established herself as 'another Leila' due to her curious and people oriented nature. She has also proved to be a very assertive and aggressive duck, pecking other ducks aside to reach the roosting spot or the feed dish she wants, and shows a natural leadership.

Pearl - yellow over white
Pearl is named for the duck loving daughter of our site manager, Boyd Carney. She is a daughter of Amy from her January clutch and still has the attitude of a young duck to her, being rather shy and dependent still on her siblings for company. She is one fo the more 'flighty' of our ducks and perhaps due to her young age is easily spooked.

Zenon - black over white
Zenon is named after the son of our site manager, Boyd Carney, and is Pearl's brother. He is from Amy's January clutch and, although still quite young, promises to grow into a large and handsome duck.

This male duck from Lefina's January clutch is as yet un-named and no significant behaviour has been observed to report here. When a duck has a name attached to it the keepers tend to notice behaviours more and a personality profile can evolve.



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