Portrait Painters exhibition now open - please wear a face mask when viewing
COVID 19 restrictions in place for visitors from the Greater Sydney Region.

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1 Wetlands Place

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Portrait Painters Exhibition now open - please wear a face mask when viewing
COVID 19 restrictions in place for visitors from the Greater Sydney Region.

Current Exhibition


Portrait Painters Hunter is a sub-group of the Society of Artists Newcastle and the artists meet every Monday morning in the Society’s studio building in Lambton Park, next to Lambton Bowling Club.

The artists meet to paint from ‘live’ models, be they family members, friends, acquaintances or professional models.  These are untutored sessions with the artists coming from all different backgrounds –  retired art teachers, some professional artists, very accomplished amateurs and raw beginners who would just like to expand their skills in portraiture.

Most artists at these session paint the face and shoulders to achieve a likeness, others paint the whole body to practise the perspective of the figure.  There may be approximately 16 artists each session so there are all different styles, all different mediums used and depending on the view, all different poses.

The group exhibit together in an Archibald-style exhibition once a year at Adamstown Uniting Church Hall, theme of the exhibition ‘Unique People of the Hunter’, with many local identities being the subjects.

Also once a year they exhibit together for ‘figures in the landscape’ where they expand on the portrait genre to include landscape backgrounds.   This year they are using the Hunter Wetlands as the theme of the figures in the landscape and having the assets of the birds and flora to include, hence the exhibition title ‘FIGURES IN THE WETLAND’.


14 September – 4 October 2020
Open daily 9am – 4pm

Arts Calendar


Sculptors and Print Makers


Cecily Gracesolo

(Timeless Textiles)


John Earle Group


Figures in the Wetlands


Alison Ellis



Ashlee Jedrzejak


Natural History Illustrator Group

About the arts

Art in the wetlands is alive and on display through the native fauna and flora that abounds. The Hunter Wetlands Centre offers a unique experience for artists, photographers, musicians – anyone with a creative spirit – to immerse themselves in this peaceful landscape.

Visitors can observe the birds in action around the various ponds; photographers, both professional and happy snappers find many aspects of wildlife to interpret through the lens. We encourage photographers to upload their images of the Wetlands to Instagram #hunterwetlands (tag Hunter Wetlands Centre, birds, waterbirds, wetlands)

Since the visitor centre upgrade in 2019, the HWCA is now a venue for community and university art groups conducting outdoor workshops and exhibitions. Art groups are invited to contact the Volunteer Arts Coordinator to discuss holding workshops on-site.

Creative Art School Excursions at Hunter Wetlands Centre.

Primary and Secondary schools are encouraged to utilize the wetlands facilities for excursions.

For further information contact
Mark Kempton
(Volunteer Arts Coordinator)




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