'Home Grown' exhibition by Ashlee Jedrzejak now open

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'Home Grown' exhibition by Ashlee Jedrzejak now open

Current Exhibition

‘Home Grown’


Ashlee has had innate passion for creating art from a very young age. She loves experimenting and exploring with an array of different art materials and has an affinity to use a kaleidoscopic pallet to create energetic works of art.

"I'm a great believer in art as a means of self expression. And particularly when it is interconnected with nature in some way, it is quite an enlightening and therapeutic experience."


4pm – 5:30pm Saturday 9th November


November 2nd – November 29th 2019
Open 7 days, 9am – 4pm

‘Native and Wild’

Natural History Illustration Club

To end our first year in the Hunter Wetlands Art Space, the Natural History Illustrators staff and students from the University of Newcastle will be hanging their end of year artworks.

This exhibition will be a fitting tribute to the wetlands environment and its inhabitants.


4pm – 5:30pm Saturday 7th December


December 2nd – December 22nd 2019
Open 7 days, 9am – 4pm

Arts Calendar


Society of Artists


Mark Kempton
‘It Isn’t Easy Being Green’


Ashlee Jedrzejak
‘Home Grown’


Natural History illustrators Student Exhibition (continues until Wetlands closes for Christmas break)


Rob Spedding


Chinese Photography Group

About the arts

Art in the wetlands is alive and on display through the native fauna and flora that abounds. The Hunter Wetlands Centre offers a unique experience for artists, photographers, musicians – anyone with a creative spirit – to immerse themselves in this peaceful landscape.

Visitors can observe the birds in action around the various ponds; photographers, both professional and happy snappers find many aspects of wildlife to interpret through the lens. We encourage photographers to upload their images of the Wetlands to Instagram #hunterwetlands (tag Hunter Wetlands Centre, birds, waterbirds, wetlands)

Since the visitor centre upgrade in 2019, the HWCA is now a venue for community and university art groups conducting outdoor workshops and exhibitions. Art groups are invited to contact the Volunteer Arts Coordinator to discuss holding workshops on-site.

Creative Art School Excursions at Hunter Wetlands Centre.

Primary and Secondary schools are encouraged to utilize the wetlands facilities for excursions.

For further information contact
Mark Kempton
(Volunteer Arts Coordinator)