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1 Wetlands Place,

Shortland NSW 2307


(02) 4951 6466/ 4951 5974
Cafe closed Sunday 19 June 2022 : 0403537211

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This lizard is part of our new nature play collection which is spread around the wetlands. We love facilitating nature and imaginative play, so bring your kids in!

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Four playgrounds

We now have four playgrounds set about our beautiful wetlands that have a variety of hands on activities and nature play experiences.

HANDS on experience

You can dipnet every day of the week – what will you find in our many ponds? You can also bring bikes, scooters or a picnic and enjoy the bird life and our beautiful grounds.


Becoming a member supports our local Wetlands (which is run by volunteers!). School aged kids enter for FREE for the whole year with any adult membership.