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Orienteering is a great way to get fit and enjoy the natural beauty of the wetlands. It is an activity for all ages and abilities. It combines map reading, decision making and finding your way to checkpoints (called controls).

We now have an updated and marked out Orienteering Course. The course is based on a specially designed topographical map courtesy of Newcastle Orienteering Club.

Use our course as preparation for orienteering in the bush by trying out our permanent course. When using our course, a compass is not essential. Comfortable exercise clothes including closed in shoes, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a drink bottle are recommended.

Go at your own pace: walking, jogging or running or a mix of all three.
Compete against yourself or others or just use it as a family outing in the great outdoors.

Visit the controls in a set order or any order of your choosing as you move around the grounds and record the relevant bird or animal name at the bottom of the map.

The only cost is the entry fee to the site – $5 general entry ($2 children in school holidays).

Ask at Reception for the orienteering flyer, the map is inside or download the Hunter Wetlands Orienteering Flyer

For further information about all things orienteering check out the NEWCASTLE ORIENTEERING CLUB website www.newcastleorienteering.asn.au


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