We are open 7 days a week
COVID 19 restrictions in place for visitors from the Greater Sydney Region.

1 Wetlands Place,

Shortland NSW 2307


(02) 4951 6466

1 Wetlands Place

Shortland, NSW 2287

We are open 7 days a week
COVID 19 restrictions in place for visitors from the Greater Sydney Region.

What's On

School Holiday Programs

Fly into the Wetlands these holidays

  • Pick up a Bird ID Chart and go bird spotting.   What’s your favourite bird?
  • Watch the pond bird feeding at 10.30 am
  • Climb the Egret Tower
  • Pick up some Fun Bird Activities to take home
  • Do you like survival games? Play our great new interactive game, Bittern or Bust: how long will you survive as a Bittern? www.wetlands.org.au/bittern

Dipnetting and canoeing (with some limitations) will be available.

Cafe open 10 am to 2 pm daily – numbers in the cafe are limited.

Please remember social distancing applies in the Visitor Centre and in the grounds.

Hand sanitiser and soap & water are available in the Visitor Centre and at the Playground Toilet.

Elsewhere on-site individuals are responsible for their own and their child/children’s hand hygiene.




Textile artist Cecily Grace has captured the hidden world of birdlife in the Hunter’s internationally significant wetlands in a new exhibition.

The works for Wetlanders feature perching birds and precariously balancing nests on tangled and gnarly tree limbs. Within these tangles, various birds bathe, mate and eat, forming dramatic and artistic shapes.

While based on photography, Grace’s work is not nature photography. She has manipulated her photographs to highlight the shapes, tones and textures specific to the wetland environments.

The photographs have been inkjet printed on cotton fabric or printed with pigment inks on cotton fibre paper. The resulting fabric pictures have been hand-stitched to emphasise the features and movements of the birds.

Monday 20 July – Friday 14 August 2020
Open daily 9am – 4pm

Presented in conjunction with Timeless Textiles. https://timelesstextiles.com.au/




Daily at 10.30am the Magpie Geese are fed on the artificial grass mat on the edge of BHP Pond near the dip-net jetty.

Come along and watch (and listen to) the free for all at feeding time.

Other pond birds like the Pacific Black Duck, Eurasian Coots and Purple Swamp Hens join in too.

The number of birds being fed varies with the seasons.

They are fed a mixture of grains – Sorghum, layer pellets and wheat.

They are never fed bread as it is like junk food to birds.


From birdwatching to picnicking, from canoeing to bike trails, the Hunter Wetlands Centre has it all!